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This unique installation of integrated Augmented Reality & immersive media utilises genuine artefacts & archives with state of the art new technology involving Augmented & Merged Reality that will surprise, excite & enlighten... where art & education are cohesively confused in an immersive statement.

Download the App from the Play Store or iTunes... use your mobile device to view AR with targets in exhibitions & installations by Suzanne Tamaki.  You can download targets to print & several of the images on this website are targets...

Treaty of Why Tangi Dyptech. "For God, For Queen, For Country" and "For Maori, For Sure" a test of the new series of AR / Suzanne Tamaki App details soon...

Suzanne Tamaki is a Wellington based artist predominately working as a fibre artist creating body adornment, costumes and jewellery.  Her work is inspired by legends and mythical creatures in the Pacific, traditional costuming throughout the world, as well as indigenous issues in Aotearoa/ New Zealand.

Tamaki uses provocative fashion photography to agitate discussions about colonisation and its effect on Maori culture.  Tamaki was one of the founding members of the Pacific Sisters fashion collective in the mid 90’s participating in various multimedia fashion shows including the 12th Sydney Biennale and the South Pacific Festival of the Arts in Samoa, Palau and Pagopago.

Her work is exhibited and collected extensively throughout New Zealand and the Pacific.