BIG BEACH BOUTIQUE - Fat Boy Slim / Brighton by JoFF Rae

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Le 13 juillet 2002 Fatboy Slim prend le contrôle des platines à l'occasion de la deuxième Big Beach Boutique, une des plus grandes fêtes des plages en . Fatboy Slim Tracklist: 1. Intro / It Just Won't Do Tim Deluxe feat Sam Obernik 2. 77 Strings - Chamonix 3.

1. Intro / It Just Won't Do Tim Deluxe feat Sam Obernik
2. 77 Strings - Chamonix
3. Lazy - X-Press 2
4. Sexiest Man In Jamaica
5. At Night - Shakedown
6. Delicious - Conga Squad
7. Get Me Off - Basement Jaxx
8. Love Story - Layo & Bushwacka
9. Hi Jackers - Glen Masters
10. Long Time - Static Revenger
11. Lord Of The Land - Cylone
12. Born Slippy - Underworld
13. Let Me Show You - Camisra
14. Farfisa - Fusion Orchestra
15. Ke Dolor - Santos
16. Star 69 - Fatboy Slim
17. Hypnotista (ambient dub)
18. I Would Die For You - Space Cowboy
19. It Just Won't Do (dub mix)
20. Pure Shores - All Saints

On 13 July 2002, Fatboy Slim performed the second of his free, open air concerts on Brighton Beach. Although organisers expected a crowd of around 60,000 people, the event instead attracted an estimated 250,000 who crammed the promenade and beach between Brighton's piers. Local police forced the event to end early amid safety concerns, overcrowding, and one death. After the music had finished and the crowd began to dissipate, traffic ensued throughout the Brighton area with many caught in traffic jams until the morning.

In June 2005, Fatboy Slim filled the Friday night headline slot on the "Other Stage" at the Glastonbury Festival. In 2006, Fatboy Slim filled the Saturday headline slot at the Global Gathering festival, Long Marston Airfield in the English Midlands. He played a two hour set, appearing in front of a visual stage set comprising video screens and 3D lighting. A firework display rounded off the show. Having being banned by police from playing in Brighton since 2002, Fatboy Slim was given permission in 2006 to play again in his home town. On 1 January 2007, he played to an audience of more than 20,000 fans along Brighton's seafront. Tickets to the event, titled "Fatboy Slim's Big Beach Boutique 3", were made available only to Brighton residents. The concert was deemed a stunning success by Sussex Police, Fatboy Slim, and the crowd. The Cuban Brothers and David Guetta opened the concert. The next similar event, 'Big Beach Boutique 4', was held on 27 September 2008.

television drug of the nation by JoFF Rae

disposable heroes of hiphoprisy-television the drug of the nation -video clip!

The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy

One nation
Under God
Has turned into
One nation under the influence
Of one drug

Television, the drug of the Nation
Breeding ignorance and feeding radiation

T.V., it
Satellite links
Our United States of Unconsciousness
Apathetic therapeutic and extremely addictive
The methadone metronome pumping out
150 channels 24 hours a day
You can flip through all of them
And still there's nothing worth watching
T.V. is the reason why less than 10 per cent of our
Nation reads books daily
Why most people think Central Amerika
Means Kansas
Socialism means unamerican
And Apartheid is a new headache remedy
Absorbed in it's world it's so hard to find us
It shapes our mind the most
Maybe the mother of our Nation
Should remind us
That we're sitting too close to...

Television, the drug of the Nation
Breeding ignorance and feeding radiation

T.V. is
The stomping ground for political candidates
Where bears in the woods
Are chased by Grecian Formula'd
Bald eagles
T.V. is mechanized politic's
Remote control over the masses
Co-sponsored by environmentally safe gases
Watch for the PBS special
It's the perpetuation of the two party system
Where image takes precedence over wisdom
Where sound bite politics are served to
The fastfood culture
Where straight teeth in your mouth
Are more important than the words
That come out of it
Race baiting is the way to get selected
Willie Horton or
Will he not get elected on...

Television, the drug of the Nation
Breeding ignorance and feeding radiation

T.V., is it the reflector or the director ?
Does it imitate us
Or do we imitate it
Because a child watches 1500 murders before he's
Twelve years old and we wonder why we've created
A Jason generation that learns to laugh
Rather than to abhor the horror
T.V. is the place where
Armchair generals and quarterbacks can
Experience first hand
The excitement of warfare
As the theme song is sung in the background
Sugar sweet sitcoms
That leave us with a bad actor taste while
Pop stars metamorphosize into soda pop stars
You saw the video
You heard the soundtrack
Well now go buy the soft drink
Well, the onla cola that I support
Would be a union C.O.L.A.(Cost Of Living Allowance)
On television

Television, the drug of the Nation
Breeding ignorance and feeding radiation

Back again, "New and improved"
We return to our irregularly programmed schedule
Hidden cleverly between heavy breasted
Beer and car commercials
Where oxymoronic language like
"virtually spotless", "fresh frozen"
"light yet filling" and "military intelligence"
Have become standard
T.V. is the place where phrases are redefined
Like "recession" to "necessary downturn"
"Crude oil" on a beach to "mousse"
"Civilian death" to "collateral damages"
And being killed by your own Army
Is now called "friendly fire"
T.V. is the place where the pursuit
Of happiness has become the pursuit of
Where toothpaste and cars have become
Sex objects
Where imagination is sucked out of children
By a cathode ray nipple
T.V. is the only wet nurse
That would create a cripple

Television, the drug of the Nation
Breeding ignorance and feeding radiation

Songwriters: Mark S. Pistel / Michael Franti

Television, the Drug of the Nation lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

Run The Jewels - Oh Mama (featuring Rick & Morty) by JoFF Rae

Directed by Juan Meza-León. From the album Run The Jewels 3. Adult Swim Festival featuring Run The Jewels is coming to Downtown LA on October 6-7. For more information and ticketing options go to Rick and Morty Full Episodes: SUBSCRIBE: About Rick and Morty: Rick and Morty is Adult Swim's most scientifically accurate animated comedy.

Trust - by JoFF Rae

“As technology starts to evolve faster than our human perception is able to handle, the line between science and myth becomes blurred.

We live in an era where the impossible has finally come to pass. We have, in our own little way we have become demigods of creation in our physical world…. The nano works that I present to you here represent more that just a feat of science though. They represent the moment in history that we ourselves are able to create a full human form at the same scale as the sperm that creates us in order to facilitate the creation.”

Despite their microscopic size, these are detailed sculptures, with individual feathers in Cupid’s wings and tiny fingers, belly-buttons, and ears. It’s almost impossible to imagine that these realistic, emotive human figures are much smaller than an ant’s eye.

“The absolute fact is this: the human eye is unable to see these sculptures. In your hand all you see is a small mirror with … nothing on it. The only way to perceive these works is on the screen of powerful scanning electron microscope. Can you be sure of its existence if your basic senses are telling you that nothing is there?”

These sculptures were created in collaboration with The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and the Weitzmann Institute of Science and involved over 10 people as a working team over several months.

31 years + 1 day// by JoFF Rae

+ each year / 3rd July to 10th - remember a few friends & rock n roll family.

For more information check out Listen to U2 on Apple Music: Listen to U2 Complete on Spotify: (C) 1997 Universal-Island Records Ltd.

4 x short videos on the sticker scene... by JoFF Rae

episode #1

"I can collect stickers from a handful of my favorite artists from around the world hit the street and get them up, and I feel I am part of this family, in a way its like a collaboration..."

episode #2

"For me especially at the time and place I grew up, one of the most iconic stickers, believe it or not, was a fucking bumper sticker ...and it says: 'skateboarding is not a crime'." -Scott Bourne - Paris Many artists born in the '70s and '80s will tell you that one of their first graphic shock and influence were skateboarding brand stickers.

episode #3

"The big brands use the street, so why not, if you're an artist, use the street to let people see your work." DB BURKEMAN - NYC What makes stickers so great is that they help you to customize your environment and make it yours.

episode #4

"The medium is the message. Just doing something that encourages other people to take action, that democratize things in general and makes the world better... " Shepard Fairey - Los Angeles This is the 4th and final episode of the documentary, "Stick To It," an inside look at the worldwide culture of sticker art.