Weston Frizzell / by JoFF Rae

After many years of working together, Otis Frizzell and Mike Weston's creative partnership evolved from that of a celebrity artist (Otis Frizzell) and his art dealer, producer and manager, (Mike Weston) into a full blown art collaboration.

Their Warhol influenced production line approach and entertainment industry influenced promotion and management has taken them from the street art  and pop culture melting pot of Auckland's K road into the fine art world. Their output draws heavily on appropriated imagery, style and content. Presented with satiric and often ironic subtext, it challenges notions of authorship and originality.

About Mike Weston 

Mike Weston (1963-) is the proprietor of The Area, an independent music studio and art gallery on Karangahape Road in Auckland. During his twenty-year career he has worked as a recording engineer, DJ, music producer, event promoter, clothing designer, visual artist and artist manager. He has created original music under the names Black Girls Machine, Theta State and Field. As a music producer he has worked with Anigma, The Warners, Reptiles@Dawn, the Dakoda's, The Lils, Christine White, Mechanism, ICU, Field, OB1, Miss DJ, The Nairobi's, Fruit, and Shima, among others. In 1994 he started the techno record label Pulse. Between 1994 and 2002 he coordinated New Zealand tours for international artists such as Jeff Mills, Derrick May, Juan Atkins, Stacey Pullen, Freddie Fresh, Dave Angel, Mark Dynamix, Sandra Collins, Chris Lee and Shaheen. From 1998 to 2002 he produced mix albums and managed dance club events and tours for club LOVELY and Renegade with DJ OB1. With graffiti artist Askew (Disruptiv), Weston produced a series of graffiti art events including Fresh Fresh Fresh, Disrupt the System 2000, Damage Control and Contents Under Pressure, seeding careers for Askew, Misery (Illicit), Otis Frizzell and the late Martin Emond (Illicit), among others.

About Otis Frizzell 
Otis Frizzell (1971-) is a television celebrity, hip hop performer, radio personality, tattooist, graphic designer and chauffeur to the stars. If there are any barriers to where Otis Frizzell's diverse, irrepressible talent and colourful personality will take him, he has yet to be stopped by them. Otis entered public life in his late teens as half of popular hip hop duo MC OJ and Rhythm Slave. He has performed as Joint Force and Stylee Crew. His partnership with Mark "Slave" Williams carried the duo into a long-running Wednesday drive-time radio slot on BFM called "Slave and Otis," now the morning drive show on Base FM. The duo's radio celebrity transferred to television with the award winning "The Mo' Show." Otis has more than 15 years of public graffiti art experience, and since 1998 has retained his position as New Zealand's highest profile graffiti artist. His work is on walls in Saatchi and Saatchi, IE Music (Robbie Williams' London management office), in celebrity collections, on KFC packaging, breast cancer T shirts, Playstation Ads, TV2 promos and the record sleeves of Che Fu and Concord Dawn.