to protest and to subvert ± / by JoFF Rae

± maismenos ±

Viral, direct, incisive. ± (2005) is an intervention project that has been reflecting on the model of political, social and economic organisation that manages life in current societies. It questions, above all, the social implications and consequences resulting from it...

‘± maismenos ±’ surfaces in 2005 as a personal project developed in an academic research context. It quickly became a reference of creative intervention in Portuguese urban circles, due to its viral mechanics as well as the various media it wove itself into.

Initially, ± presented itself as a brand against brands, its utopian mission being the antidote to advertising: ± may be found as illegal marks over a wide variety of urban environments, just as it may surface as an art installation.

According to the author, Miguel Januário, ± is the visual representation of the collapse of capitalist systems (+ – = 0), clearly conveying a standpoint in regards to it – while also acting as a blank canvas, a particularly open-ended icon where the citizen may be able to project anything they wish, fear or suspect.
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