4 x short videos on the sticker scene... by JoFF Rae

episode #1

"I can collect stickers from a handful of my favorite artists from around the world hit the street and get them up, and I feel I am part of this family, in a way its like a collaboration..."

episode #2

"For me especially at the time and place I grew up, one of the most iconic stickers, believe it or not, was a fucking bumper sticker ...and it says: 'skateboarding is not a crime'." -Scott Bourne - Paris Many artists born in the '70s and '80s will tell you that one of their first graphic shock and influence were skateboarding brand stickers.

episode #3

"The big brands use the street, so why not, if you're an artist, use the street to let people see your work." DB BURKEMAN - NYC What makes stickers so great is that they help you to customize your environment and make it yours.

episode #4

"The medium is the message. Just doing something that encourages other people to take action, that democratize things in general and makes the world better... " Shepard Fairey - Los Angeles This is the 4th and final episode of the documentary, "Stick To It," an inside look at the worldwide culture of sticker art.

CS Stanley - contemporary street artist by JoFF Rae

American contemporary street artist CS Stanley is known for visual commentary reflective of today's political climate. Born and raised in Indiana, he exhibits in local and international venues. The majority of work he produces is aerosol and stencil also incorporating a variety of mixed media to his art using multiple techniques including brush, marker and mouse in his creative process. appointed the title of Bill Levin's "personal Michelangelo" and Director of Art at The First Church of Cannabis, Stanley is known for his contribution to the interior design of the church, including murals, artwork, tees, stickers, and other miscellaneous branding.

known to be affiliated with several paint crews including Scotland's "Black Tartan Division" and operates as American council member to The Secret Society Of Super Villain Artists-UK. Since his joining, Stanley has donated his work to numerous SSOSVA fundraisers and has overseen the first American exhibition in Miami Florida.

Being an activist and advocate of human rights, as well a supporter of numerous charitable organisations, CS Stanley donates his art to fundraisers and global causes in addition to spreading awareness throughout his work.

CS Stanley currently lives and works in Indianapolis, Indiana.