Starwars in Iconoscope / by JoFF Rae

NEW: Episode IV & V - The Empire Strikes Back... 

from the graphic artist:

Have you ever wondered how Star Wars might be viewed in hieroglyphics? Or what if the movie was remade by IKEA? Well, wonder no more - I've sorted it out for you.

This Illustration shows how the story we all know and love can be distilled down into icons - no words are used (apart from the "SOS" icon).
I know I've missed a few scenes from this - but I had to cut it down somewhere or it would have gone on for another 20 steps. And I was getting tired.
I'm fragile: I work in the Creative Industry.


After posting this illustration to a few blogs it went hyper-viral. Our paid hosting account got hit by a whopping extra 70 gigs of bandwidth in around four days - which was great apart from we had to pay extra for it and it seemed to show no signs of slowing. So, that ended my old site and blog. But hey, every cloud.

About the designer

He's six foot-three slightly overweight ginger-bearded four-eyed socially awkward senior digital designer & illustrator Wayne Dorrington.
Designer and illustrator. living and working in London, 3 cats and a girlfriend called Anna (but not necessarily in that order). Work at Beyond in Central London working with some cool clients like Google, Youtube, Sony Ericsson, Ebay, Paypal and more.