IntErupt >> The Fake Taupō Farts Festerval 2012 / by JoFF Rae

well... a disappointment to say the least! Much like the TDC Arts Policy...

ARTIVIST : creative made criticism of the Erupt Taupo Arts Festival program with a simple question - "is there more?" which was quickly answered with a link to the complete program, an acknowledgement & personal reference & then a private message... the message below*.  We suggest the festival General Manager Kylie Hawker coveniently forgets she receives public funding & is open to public scrutiny.

Now our issue with these guys is they participate in a circle that will accept mediocrity & pat themselves on the back for a job... well... done... done so the boxes that need ticking have been ticked & their conservative non creative attempt at serving the public with public funds for public arts has been met - or not - what does it matter to them as long as they are not having to answer any tough questions or actually facilitate any art.  There must be some Council Art Policy for that surely?!?

ARTIVIST : creative has a couple of issues with the attitude from Council to public art & it starts with their own Public Art Policy 2006 (pdfs of the policy & guidelines posted).  The Policy clearly refers to a Arts Advisor who will administer & is available for consultation for both acquisition & proposal of public arts projects.  Now we'd assume this Advisor would be qualified to fulfill the requirements with capability for acquisition, valuation, assessment & appreciation of public art works including sculpture, installation, major works & pieces for public places & spaces in Taupō & that this role would be considered important with $100K of public funding for acquistion & several thousands dedicated to the Erupt attempt at a festival...

Well unfortunately not... there is no Arts Advisor & according to our sources Gareth Greene, the 2IC at Council won't even consider the policy when he makes any decisions - in his words "I've never even read it".  Aledgedly, when offered the policy paper he said "Council doesn't need to consider policy..." & refused to even look at the paper.

/ Facebook/ private message - morning Monday 19th 2012/ Kylie Hawker > ARTIVIST : creative by any means necessary! (JoFF Rae)

  • Kylie Hawker
    Kylie Hawker
    • Hi Joff, not quite sure that it's particularly professional or polite to challenge 'Erupt' via facebook?!?!? We don't NEED to include a street art element in our Festival programme - as you know Graffiato was created as our urban art event... and we've got a few more things lined up that I'm not going to reveal until they happen. As we've discussed before I think it's great that you (and others) are creating your own artwork and street art activity in town - I would never post a negative comment about your projects on your facebook page - so politely request that you offer the same level of professional respect.

  • ARTIVIST: creative by any means necessary!
    • pfft... I'm not a "professional" for a start... I do art because I believe in it... I love it... I love the challenge.

      I'm disappointed in the Erupt Festival... the program is soft in my opinion & I'll share that opinion where I like...

      your Graffiato was a disappointment too... don't attempt it if you don't expect criticism - especially from me...

      but most of all... keep following your "professional" line... I'll keep hating on it!





... so who is Kylie Hawker?!?  Someone with no arts, venue or entertainment background... a "professional" bureaucrat >> here's her public profile (we wonder if there is detail that is not polite or professional that might be missing?!?)

Kylie Hawker

General Manager: Erupt Events at Lake Taupo Arts Festival Trust

New Zealand 
Nonprofit Organization Management
  • Trustee at Bay of Plenty Community Trust (BayTrust)
  • General Manager: Erupt Events at Lake Taupo Arts Festival Trust
  • General Manager at Towncentre Taupo Inc
  • Trust Programme Manager at Central Lakes Trust
  • Estate Manager at Mission Estate Winery
  • Communications Manager at Turners & Growers
  • Communications Manager at ENZA Pipfruit Ltd