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The Act Party's largest financial backer in the last election says he gave money to the party to stop the special treatment of Maori, who are disliked by most New Zealanders.

Louis Crimp contributed $125,520 to Act's 2011 electoral campaign.

Crimp says all of the "white New Zealanders" he has spoken to don't like Maori, who are "full of crime and welfare".

Act's president, Chris Simmons, said he disagreed with Mr Crimp on some areas but respected his right to have a view.

He said he saw Maori culture as "part of our culture".

Maori Party co-leader Pita Sharples said he was appalled by the comments made by Mr Crimp, who is "out on his own".

Invercargill-based Mr Crimp said he was inspired by Dr Brash's controversial 2004 speech at Orewa and decided to support Act when the former National Party leader took over as Act's leader in 2011.

Mr Crimp opposes funding of Maori Television and calls spending on revitalising Te Reo Maori (the Maori language) a waste of money.


disliked by most New Zealanders

"full of crime and welfare"

a waste of money

"out on his own"

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