Film Shutters by Stéphanie Martin Petit / by JoFF Rae

Film Shutters

Stéphanie Martin Petit 

presented in July / 2012 [translated directly from Spanish]

She began taking pictures of graffiti painted on the shutters of Barcelona by chance and walk after walk grew this collection. She recently signed more than 900 photos.

In 2010 an article appeared in La Vanguardia commenting on the position of IMPUQV (Institute of Urban Landscape and Quality of Life) of the City of Barcelona was the graffiti on the shutters of business: "To paint graffiti in public space is a behavior fouling that not only devalues the public or private but mainly causes a visual degradation of the environment, affecting the quality of life for residents and visitors"

To date with almost 1000 images Stéphanie has evidence that this is not true and that the drawings do not foul blinds or devalue the city but give color, life and uniqueness. She lets away day life and gets up for the pictures of the night, giving light and personality to our streets.

As a movie fan, she has been eager for this exhibition to give a movie title to each picture. Not an exact recreation of the script, but rather an inspiration to the review…

+ see the named images on the website exhibit >> via ARTiXNoVA