Augmented Reality T-shirts <<< / by JoFF Rae

A collection of tees that gives wearers a unique interactive experience using Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a computer application that runs through a web cam. The AR application can overlay digital content to the webcam video such as 3D models or video clips. This results in a webcam video that has digital content overlaid - in real time. The example above has commentary of an old All Blacks rugby game and also shows an overlaid movie clip of arms doing the actions to the haka - the wearer of the tee doesn't have to do any actions as the AR app will do it for you!

I can also see a woman's arms doing the poi to the popular waiata Poi E by Patea Maori Club. The video clips can also be of great NZ achievements or even old Country Calendar clips - anything that shows our unique ingenuity. The intro of these clips could also include a formal welcome by our Prime Minister John Key or even a 'virtual powhiri' - this will give our visitors a unique welcome and introduction to our Kiwi and Maori cultures through an interactive experience that they can tell all the people back home about.

The tee shirts can be handed out at the entrance of the matches throughout the Rugby World Cup and/or at the opening ceremony. The AR application can be downloaded as a standalone app, web based and also a smart phone (iPhone, Android etc) application. There can also be portable kiosks that run the application situated by where the tees are handed out. There could also be a possibility of the app running through the TV - imagine that!

By having multiple viewing methods of the AR app our visitors can view anytime anywhere and can last well after the Rugby World Cup giving this 'event' a lengthy shelf life.

A shout out to Saqoosha for developing the FLARToolkit.