How to Succeed with Brunettes US Navy 1967 / by JoFF Rae

Dating, Courtship, Marriage, Romance, Social Skills... US Navy Training Film

Demonstrates proper dating etiquette for US Navy officers, at first by showing what NOT to do. US Navy Training Film MN-10283C

Awesome Navy film I remember watching as a brand new Midshipman at Auburn NROTC. I wonder what year they finally retired this classic?

How to Succeed with Brunettes’ is one of nearly 3000 training films produced by the U.S. Navy during the 1960s that range from topics such as “good hygiene” to how women enlisted in the military should “conduct” themselves around their male counterparts. It’s also said that the film was lampooned by the television news program 60 Minutes in its early days and that the show even presented the Navy with a “faux Oscar” for How to Succeed With Brunettes for being the most “unnecessary” and “fiscally wasteful” film on record for the time. For you see, back in 1966 it was tax dollars that covered the $64,000 tab for creating this cringe-worthy film.