AIRBORNE \\ A6 - Louis Baker "The Way Remix" (produced by Devin Abrams) / by JoFF Rae

A series of music video postcards set to music from home, with New Zealand based artists contributing unreleased tracks to the project. In 2015 The Renegade Peach Project ventured on a 3 month journey that began in Cambodia and wrapped in San Francisco. As we roamed, we captured hints of the streets, people, wildlife, food, and spirit of each locale before uniting our visuals with the submitted tracks. Alchemy.

Each artist was asked to provide a time of day for us to film and a keyword or colour to help us capture the essence of their track. For this track we were given free reign which was a huge help as we were only in San Francisco for 24 hours!

You can hear more from LOUIS BAKER here:

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Full artist line-up: Estère (Jordan Rakei re-mix), Alphabethead, Adam Page, Big Flip The Massive, Thomas Oliver, Louis Baker (track produced by Devin Abrams ) and Joe Blossom.

Intro music (full permission) by The All Seeing Hand

Many thanks to Crawford for being our fantastic guide and for letting us stay with him! 

AIRBORNE\\ was filmed, edited and produced by the Renegade Peach Project.