Healing Tool . 2015 / Brian Kane// / by JoFF Rae

Healing Tool is art designed for people in cars. A temporary public art installation using digital billboards on interstate freeways.
By media artist Brian Kane. June 28 June - July 26 , 2015 
More info: briankane.net/healing-tool/
95 Northbound, Wakefield, MA 42.5202 N, 71.088 W
93 Southbound, Stoneham, MA 42.47764 N, 71.11257 W
Google map: goo.gl/hyyqxo

As part of his ongoing series “Art for Commuters,” this installation introduces a poetically enhanced digital image on a giant electronic billboard in order to restore and realign the surrounding landscape. This work is part of an ongoing effort to simulate photoshop effects in the real world.

Design consultant: Joanne Kaliontzis jkali.com/
Photography: Nate Wieselquist instagram.com/natewieselquist/ and Simone Schiess simoneschiess.com
Video: Aurelio Ramos facebook.com/aurelio.ramos
and Thomas Ricci u2031.net/
Warp engineer: Andrew Hlynsky andrewhlynsky.com/
Clear Channel: Jennifer Suarez

Music: a i r s p a c e soundcloud.com/a-i-r-s-p-a-c-e

Contact: Luise Kaunert linkedin.com/pub/luise-kaunert/28/70b/8a9

©2015 Brian Kane briankane.net