#LaserTwitter Super Bowl #ONOMOLY / by JoFF Rae

Today, the covert and nebulous #ONOMOLY released their video recap of Laser Twitter at the NFL Super Bowl experience in downtown Phoenix, AZ. Not officially a part of the Super Bowl in any way, #LaserTwitter was uncensored, unsponsored and unbridled. While Budweiser had their $9 million anti-hipster, anti-craft-beer “Macro Brew” ads, ONOMOLY gave citizens a chance to be heard while mocking the Bud Light #UpForWhatever campaign. “Everywhere I looked, I saw ONOMOLY and their messaging. It was on ALL of the buildings,” said a passerby, “Bud Light. Not up for FLAVOR.”

At one point, Bud Light sent Phoenix police officers over to the Laser Twitter building, telling them to stop projecting onto the nearby Palomar Hotel high-rise. “Bud Light’s campaign says they are #UpForWhatever, but clearly not up for free speech,” says a representative of ONOMOLY. “We are messengers of light. Bud Light sells bad tasting beer to people who are too drunk to know the difference.”

“This is about big corporations attempting to quash our voices. The NFL specifically prohibits things like #LaserTwitter. That’s why we did it. The NFL is a sham charity fleecing BILLIONS from taxpayers. People need to know whether they are a fan or not, they are directly subsidizing the wildly profitable NFL. People DO have something to say. We proved that with LaserTwitter.”

The NFL is a charity. No really, it is a 501c3 non-profit organization, yet it makes more money than any other sports entity. If you're a U.S. taxpayer then you're subsidizing the wildly profitable National Football League, regardless of whether you're a fan. They have grabbed almost 5 BILLION in taxpayer funds to build stadiums around the country. The NFL has begun "requesting" that host cities for future super bowls give them FREE everything just for using their city including police as security. The NFL = one GIANT scam.


Have something to say? Say it on #LaserTwitter. Uncensored. Unsponsored. A global real-time messaging platform of light. ANYONE can be a part of this. BE SUBVERSIVE. BE LIGHT.

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