Starring Shivabel Coeurnoir and Maya Schneider from upcoming DRUG MACHINE - AMNESIA (Phantasma Disques 2015/16) https://phantasmadisques.bigcartel.com/ PRE-ORDER NOW! Release Date: 29th January 2016 (Vinyl + Instant Pre-order Digital), 14th December 2015 (CDR + Instant Pre-order Digital), 7th December 2015 Digital Drug Machine is the cold and industrial alter ego of Mater Suspiria Vision in an imaginary japanese dystopian technopolis à la Tetsuo. Pulsating technoid beats and clear structures meet harsh cyberpunk noise. After their debut EP in 2012 "Killer Drugs (Phantasma Disques)" AMNESIA is the long awaited Debut album by Drug Machine accompanying Cosmotropia de Xam's latest movie "Delirium" starring Shivabel Coeurnoir (Malacreanza, Inferno Veneziano) and Maya Schneider (Inferno Veneziano). 1 Intro 0:59 2 Delirium 06:36 3 Acid Pulse 04:12 4 Fix 05:17 5 ABSURDITA 06:10 6 Amnesia (feat. Maya Schneider) 05:33 7 Shock Corridor (feat. Maya Schneider) 04:48 8 Parassita (feat. Maya Schneider) 03:46 9 SSS (feat. How I Quit Crack) 9:05 10. Corridor of lost souls ∞