"Picasso Baby" - Jay Z / by JoFF Rae

The principle is simple: Jay Z gives his representation at the center of the gallery and while he sings the title, one or more persons come to rest in front of him.  Some people dance, others just simply smile, the goal is to create the link and connect to the musical energy.

"Picasso Baby: a performance art film " Everything is in the title.  The encounter with a work of art also requires this type of feeling.  Referring to the basics of artistic perception, Jay Z redraws on even the outlines of his own music. "I do not have music, I'm the guy art" , a way to upgrade and reclassify hip hop .  A state of mind "Next level".

Esteem and artistic recognition, close contact with the public, a feat by the longevity of performance, no doubt: the new rules of marketing asked by Jay Z .  However, a video of 10 minutes to show 6 hours of performance is short and it is noted that the people who attended the show were handpicked.  In addition to the presence of the Serbian artist Marina Abramović who inspired Jay Z this performance features Jim Jarmusch, Alan Cuming, Adam Driver, Jemima Kirke & Judd Apatow.