Hysterical Literature: Sessions by Clayton Bubitt / by JoFF Rae

Hysterical Literature: Session One: Stoya

Stoya visits the studio and reads from Necrophilia Variations by Supervert. Subtitles available (CC) in French and Brazilian Portuguese.

Stoya’s thoughts on the session.

Update: Supervert’s thoughts on the session.

Update: Hello Reddit and Gawker and Salon and Metafilter and Perez and Daily Dot and Richardson Magazine

See the the whole project here.

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please note - this is a playlist of several sessions... visit the youtube channel for more information


about Clayton Bubitt

Professional photographer, director, writer.

New York. New Orleans.

I mix art and fashion with technology. I did that fashion story about African skinheads. I’m the guy behind those Hysterical Literature videos. I get zef with Die Antwoord. My Long Portraits inspired a Superbowl commercial. I got dirty during Hurricane Katrina. I think subculture is culture. I think deeply about how the present creates the future.

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My dad was a Canadian national running pot over the border from Mexico. My mom was a Cajun hippie runaway, go-go dancing on Bourbon Street. They met, married, and went on a lifelong road trip, conceiving me in the back of a VW van at a national park out west. I saw more by age ten than most people do their whole life, and this informs my work.

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My art and music videos have been viewed over 20 million times, and feature artists like Die Antwoord, Big Freedia, Xiu Xiu, Cocorosie, and Nicky Da B.

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