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The story does sound like an act of Artivism gone wrong/ bugger - the guy got caught/ the only reason they can find him guilty is because he got caught!//

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A Taupo retailer used a syringe to spray battery acid between the doors of a rival's shop.

The clothing store owner says pressure drove him to commit an impressive $60,000 act of vandalism.

Describing the attack as a "blur", B Jammin owner Rick Powell says he walked two blocks before spraying the acid through a gap in the doors at a rival [shit] Surf and Scooter store on Heuheu St on a recent Tuesday night.

The acid spray carried 10 metres inside the shop, destroying clothing, units and carpet.

"I can't figure out why I did it ... it's all a bit of a blur," he said.

"I can't rationalise why I would walk across the road to do this."

Mr Powell was snapped on CCTV security cameras spraying the acid through a small gap through the doors of the shop.

He was arrested by police soon after...

"I'm highly embarrassed for my family. It's not something a rational, sane person would do" he said. 

"What he has done is wrong. It's irrelevant to say he blacked out," Mr Clark said.

Powell appeared in the Taupo District Court charged with intentional damage.


"It's not something a rational, sane person would do"

"I can't rationalise why"

"it's all a bit of a blur"