This Is Art - a venture by Ero by JoFF Rae


"After months of negotiations I have finally manage to score a pop up studio/shop in the third largest shopping complex in Australia, the numbers are huge, 16.7 million people through per annum with approx 250,000 through each week. Highpoint shopping centre in Maribyrnong have handed me the keys to this shop space. In this space it will be a studio, shop, gallery and workshop all rolled into one. For the gallery we will have a show once a month for a week starting in February so if anyone would like to have a show or group show pm me and I will email you details. The rent will be $450 for the week with $100 being for food, advertising etc. Commission will be a pay what you think is appropriate deal. Workshops will be starting in the school holidays and if anyone has a particular workshop they would like to put on pm also. I want to run eight hour workshops broken into two four hour blocks spread out over three days with three workshops running concurrently over the three days and depending on interest ten to fifteen participants per workshop. Each participant with be charged $65 per workshop with $35 per participant going to the artist taking the workshop. If their are artisans who have products they have made I would also be interested in hearing from you. Anyone who does performance of any genre pm me. This project I am calling 'This is Art' and will be based around El lissiky's beat the whites with the red wedge. Substituting the whites with mass consumerism and the red wedge with the subculture of art. This is an idea I have been working on for a couple of years. It is about intervention in a community to see if I can affect change with art being it's principal tool."

Searching For The Sun - Salmonella Dub [ NEW unreleased ] by JoFF Rae

vocal competition// record with Salmonella Dub!

Vocal competition music bed: Yodel a vocal for this new tune for the summer. No holds barred! All styleez welcomed. Pic taken Monday Dec 12th 2016 from our boat in Monaco Nelson.

Yo, hope your week has been fine? Here's our first nu tune for the summer. We're running a vocal competition for this starting next week. Yodel a vocal for us... All styleez welcomed. The winner gets to release a recorded version with us + 2 VIP tix to Raggamuffin X Feb 18th, plus a box set of Sal Dub CD's and vinyl. Comp starts next week. More info here over the weekend. ENJOY!

Renegade Peach - AIRBORNE / out takes// by JoFF Rae

Daniel Tippett - Fly Tui screenprint by JoFF Rae


Fly Tui Screen Print by Daniel Tippett


Limited Edition of 38.
Signed & numbered.

Pioneer of the New Zealand graffiti scene, Daniel Tippett is a busy kiwi. Known for his high skill of aerosol work on buildings, vans and clothing he is not only limited to doing major art commissions but also sharing his collection of quality vinyl as a DJ hosting a regular radio show on BaseFM.

Screen printed on 300gsm fabriano archival art paper.

Unframed: 450mm x 700mm

Flinch Marketing >> / "Trust Your Instincts" by JoFF Rae

When we flinch in the face of external threats we are suddenly reminded that most of our days are spent locked in the autopilot of unconscious behaviour. Flinch Marketing specialise in interrupting these routine habits in order to create sustainable solutions to the world’s most pressing environmental problems such as: climate change; the impacts of natural disasters; environmental degradation and loss of biodiversity.

Flinch Marketing use evidence-based marketing approaches to create sustainable solutions to the world's most pressing environmental problems such as: climate change; the impacts of natural disasters; environmental degradation and loss of biodiversity. They also work to directly provide employment and career development opportunities for young marketing and creative professionals from developing countries.

HAHA - limited edition stencils on paper by JoFF Rae

We've discovered a small treasure stash of original HAHA limited edition stencils aerosol on fine art paper created on his last New Zealand residency at th'ink art studio in Wellington, 2014.

Tame, HAHA 2014 ; limited edition of 10.
510mm x 635mm ; 6 layer stencil aerosol (Montana) on fine art paper

Piwakawaka, HAHA 2014 ; limited edition of 25.
200mm x 200mm ; 6 layer stencil aerosol (Montana) on fine art paper

Praying Robot
HAHA 2014
limited edition of 25.
200mm x 200mm ; stencil aerosol (Montana) on fine art paper

New Zealand born street artist HAHA is the Split Enz of Australian Street Art - the best known street artist in Australia.  Based in the heart of street art Melbourne HAHA was born & raised in Hamilton.  He has been commissioned by the Australian Government to paint his signature Ned Kelly stencils.  HAHA aka Regan Tamanui, is a World famous stencil artist.

Occasionally HAHA sneaks in to Wellington in his non assuming manner for a residency of a month at the secret th'ink art studio... eating EKIM burgers & fresh fish before travelling the world to paint.

The work of Haha explores the power of mass media within Australian popular culture. The reality TV phenomena, the religion of sport, criminal lifestyles, get rich quick & instant fame becomes the obsessions, the new virtues of the 21st century.

By using multi-layered stencils of up to 40 layers Haha’s work is a reflection of popular culture. He gets his images direct from the newspaper or from photographing the subject to tell a story of the here & now. Without the aid of a computer, his cutting technique produces lifelike imagery

Haha is a self taught artist who started off by spray painting stencils on the street & has since then graduated to the gallery.
He has been exhibiting for over 8 years he has held 10 solo shows in Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart & Sydney. He is represented by 3 commercial galleries across Australia. His work can be found in the collection of the National Gallery of Australia, BHP Billiton, State Library of Victoria, City of Melbourne, Artbank & private collections across Australia, NZ, UK & USA.

HA HA - BOOMDubbo by JoFF Rae

Over two days in Dubbo, Ha Ha completed a series of sports portraits for Walkom Bros., generous supporters of BOOMDubbo. The identities include Ian Drake (cricket/tennis), Don Parish (rugby league), Andrew Ryan (rugby league), Megan Dunn (cycling), Brian Tink (boxing), Phillip Dutton (equestrian), Melinda Gainsford-Taylor (athletics), Glenn McGrath (cricket), Ernie Toshack (cricket), Greg Ryan (racing), Jon White (rugby union). For more on BOOMDubbo check out Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @BOOMDubbo. Website coming soon.

BOOMDubbo is about adding value & vibrancy to the city of Dubbo & the region through art. Stakeholders in BOOMDubbo projects include not only local businesses and residents, but the artists themselves and visitors to the city and region. We're about doing things that make people happy. BOOM!

Artist profile : David Merritt - Landrover Farmer / Poet by JoFF Rae

David Merritt has been a writer and a publisher for most of his life. He now makes copyleft publications, often using materials he finds in dumpsters or jumbo bins. He is the only man in the the world who has worked out what to do with old Readers Digest condensed books, Jefferey Archer and Dan Brown hardbacks. <content description = adult metatags> Marx, AUSA, NZUSA, CRACCUM, Pushbutton Paradise, Sweetwaters, Screaming Meemees, Flying Nun Records, Herbs, Dunedin Arts collectives - Super 8, Chippendale House, Pagemaker 2, Apple SE30, Gate, Gung Ho Press poetry, sons, chapbooks, SPEC, SNAFU, proto housedad, divorce, Punnet, David Carson, ICONZ, Interweb, IT journalism, web design hoohah, Mac blue G3 tower, cyberpunk, 2Bits, divorce, Open Source, Copyleft, Creative Commons, Linux, BSD, GNU, EFF, Hobbs, Eric Raymond, geek culture, divorce, Dial, Racing subeditor, Homeworld, Series III LWB Landrovers, permaculture, no-dig gardens, street poet, re-purposing, upcycling, Geek Prayers, Landroverfarm Press, Mirrorcity Letterpress, David Merritt Poetry Experience, Everyday Thinking, Stealth Poetry in a box, Honesty Box Press, Paper Road Press, Mongrel 1974 Landrover </metatags>

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The brilliant street artist/poet/philosopher David Merritt in his signature Auckland spot on Karangahape Road. He makes all his own poetry books out of recycled materials right there on the sidewalk! Please check out his Facebook page... Filmed 22nd December 2014.