Nelio vs Passmore collaboration @ TH'ink+ART by JoFF Rae

"LAOU / Collective Residency"

The name “Laou” comes from the book “Papalagi,” written by Eric Scheurmann in the 1920's. It refers to an alleged text written by Tuiavii, a Samoan chief, regarding the concept that there is no individual ownership within their culture, and words such as “mine” and “yours” do not exist. Using this as a reference point, Nelio (FR) & Duncan Passmore (UK) will be presenting an exhibition of collaborative works created as part of a residency program held in Lyall Bay at the TH'ink Studio, during March 2015.

Nelio and Passmore have collaborated on murals and studio works for about 6 years, with the first official collaborative residency beginning last summer in Lyon, France.  For the LAOU project there has also been contribution from Ed Bats and Jon Drypnz.



With the support of "Urban Dream Brokerage"


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HAHA moves in to 'th'ink 70' Lyall Bay space by JoFF Rae


HAHA aka Regan Tamanui arrived back in New Zealand for the Street Legal festival at Kawerau early February before making his way to Wellington to establish his residency at the new 'th'ink 70' space at Lyall Bay.

Painting Ned Kelly & Te Whiti with some experimental water color stencil work... back in April & more often!

Planning to keep a presence in Wellington & Melbourne with irregular trips to Asia, Europe & Americas.

location : th'ink 70