L’artiste maori Georges Nuku présente son exposition « Bottled Ocean 2115 » à Rouen by JoFF Rae

L’artiste maori Georges Nuku présente son exposition « Bottled Ocean 2115 » à Rouen

Exhibition. The Maori artist George Nuku exhibits at the Natural History Museum until January 2016.

Georges Nuku, derrière l’une de ses créations : « En tant qu’artiste, je crois que nous pouvons diriger notre futur »

Saturday, April 25 2015 to 31 January 2016, the Maori artist George Nuku present, the natural history museum, its exposure Bottled Ocean 2115, just arrived from the Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei.Pirogue particular composed of plastic bottles, shark and atolls Plexiglas ... transparency and floating in an ocean-blue painted room, floor to ceiling. The opportunity to reflect on our environment.

Can you tell us about your work Plexiglas which you are one of the few specialists ?

George Nuku "It is the evolution of twenty years of work in my art. I can say that I am the creator of this Maori art. I worked for many major museums in the world: the British Museum, the National Museum of Scotland, the MAS Museum in Antwerp, the Museum of Anthropology Vancouver ... Usually, an artist reaches a different concept after receiving influences and this time, the artist must capture. "

What led you to create this exhibition ?

"My trip 20 years and, believe it if you want, I saw the movie Waterworld Kevin Costner. I also had long conversations with Sebastien Minchin, director of the museum. An idea dear to my heart, that of adaptation and mutation of life. It is truly a reality. Personally, my genealogy changed when my mother, Maori, married a white man. I am an example of how Maori culture must adapt to the new changes. We are in a dance of change and change is leading us. "

What would you communicate ?

"I want to express that life changes, try to understand the relationship to plastic. Researchers say that in the oceans, plastic grain can be attached to each grain of sand. They say that plastic is the devil. But he did not come alone in the ocean ... Being Maori allows me to be in communication with the deities of all, and especially with the plastic divinity. I see two elements of light and water, two sources of life. I want to show a possible scenario of the future. "

Your presence in Rouen will she held meetings with the school or students ?

"This is the beginning of a series of interventions with rouennaises classes until January 2016. I try to create a moment of beautiful expression, so beautiful that it can reach the heart of the public. As an artist, I believe that we can direct our future. "


Exhibition " Bottled Ocean 2115 "Visible from Saturday 25 April 31 January 2016. Natural History Museum, 198 rue Beauvoisine. More information on

George Nuku Art > MAS | Museum Aan de Stroom, Antwerp by JoFF Rae

George Nuku's installation piece

For the Display of Power theme (+4), the New Zealand artist George Nuku created an installation piece that is inspired by a Maori meeting house. A house like this unites people with their ancestors. The figures and designs on the entrance to the house represent the power of the ancestors and are meant to make a lasting impression on the visitor.

Nuku’s piece represents the body of an ancestor. He sculpts in the ancient Maori tradition, but uses modern-day materials such as polystyrene and plexiglass. 

With his installation piece, the artist once more places sacred objects from Polynesia in a respectful environment outside the mundane museum display case. At the same time, he is giving a nod to the giant, Antigoon.


George Nuku >>> fine artist by JoFF Rae


audio IV = Click here to listen to an audio interview with the artist by Sarah Robins
(November 2005) [6.1 Mb]

New Zealand Exhibitions

New Zealand Shows include; Te Maori (1985), 10 years of solo and groups shows at Te Taumata and Mataora Art Galleries, Archill Gallery, Maunga Whau, Compendium, Gallery Pacific, Strange Cargo gallery, El Puente, Auckland Museum, Dowse Museum, and Waitangi Day celebration exhibitions each year as well as cultural festivals such as Pasifika annually. Nuku was also a featured Artist in Te Urupatu , a contemporary Maori art exhibition in the cow paddocks of Ruatoki, a pivotal Maori art exhibition for the people.
International Exhibitions
Zooterneer Netherlands (2000). Featured Artist in the documentary One Giant Leap (UK) and a speaker on the song “My Culture” by Robbie Williams and Maxi Jazz. Tahitian Festival, Tahiti (2002). Telluride Gallery Colorado (2003). Exposition at Native American Community House New York. Exhibition Seeyouattheriviera Williamsburg, NYC. Exhibition Third session of Permanent Forum of Indigenous People NYC.   Exhibition and presentation for All Road Film Festival, National Geographic Society (2003 and 2004).
Magazines: In Style (NZ), Mana (NZ), NZ Fashion Quarterly, Vogue (USA), Elle (USA) Cosmopolitan (France). A supplement booklet on The House of Taonga CASA magazine (Italy).
Other Work
Feature films ( Once Were Warriors ). Supreme winner of Ellerslie Garden Show. Short film-‘Moko-art of Nature' placed in finals of RES FEST 2003 international film festival in NYC. Director of the House of Taonga.