Yeah Right

October 15 - 'Yeah Right' by JoFF Rae

Yeah Right

by Weston Frizzell 

Giclee Print

Size in millimetres: 500 x 500

Signed and individually numbered edition strictly limited to 180.

DrTuTu/ Guilty of ART!// is a concept that incorporates & elaborates on a body of work from Weston Frizzell & led by Mike Weston with ARTIVIST : creative selected artists & creatives as a media installation & series of actions that together make a symposium surrounding an exhibition event.

The glyphic logo formed by the inverted numerals 22, have been recurring motifs in Weston Frizzell’s work since 2004, first appearing in the DrTuTu featuring Tame Iti exhibition. Dr Tutu is the name Iti adopted when DJing on his various alternative radio slots. In Maori, (and most if not all Polynesian languages also) TuTu has a multiplicity of meanings such as ‘revolution’, ‘to meddle’, ‘arson’, sedition.

The print is an archival fine art pigment inkjet produced on Hahnemule bright white 100% rag stock. Signed, numbered and stamped with the genuine Weston Frizzell rubber stamp.

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