Jos Wheeler

JOS Wheeler - DoP / Artist by JoFF Rae





Jos Wheeler works as a Director of Photography and has shot music videos, TV commercials , Films and Documentaries for the past 20 years. His work has led to travelling regually both locally and internationally, and with acamera close at hand and a unique sensitivity and respect he has often been invited in to photograph people and environments that require a trust factor just to be there, as with his B&W images from Rocinha in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Mercato, Addis Ababa, Eithiopia, or the now infamous series ‘Te Mana Motuhake O Tuhoe’ from Te Urewera. 

Having grown up on Aucklands west coast Jos has a strong connection with the New Zealand landscape anda appreciation for the beauty and rawness of his environment, once again bringing his unique attention to detail, using strong compositions with a subtle timing of light to capture a mood and emotion, recording more than a time and place but often history of our ever changing landscape.

In the last few years it has been his images from Anti Asset Sales, Deep Sea Oil Drilling, GCSB, TPPA and other protests and marches that have gained much attentionleading to his exhibition ‘Voicing Dissent’ at Lopdell House Gallery in 2014.  Wheeler continues a powerful tradition of empathetic images by the likes of John Miller, Gil Hanly, Ans Westra and Robin Morrison.

    Director of Photography
    Ahu Productions
    PO BOX 68517
    Auckland 1145
    Aotearoa / New Zealand
    M +64 274 379961

Jos Wheeler - ARTIVIST : DoP talent from right here! by JoFF Rae

Jos Wheeler is rising in the background as the man behind lense & the artists...

His work includes music videos, short film, TVC & advertising - all of the highest standards & the best clients... Childfund, Sky Sport & LTSA TVCs; Anna Coddington, Che Fu & Breaks Co-op music videos; & short drama 'Valveman' feature as content (ARTIVIST will be posting some of this!)... a small taste of his excellent works. "The very cool thing with Jos is his artistic integrity!" says ARTIVIST : creative JoFF... "his artistic knowledge & impeccable cinematography are a bonus - the guy is just damn cool to work with!"  More work from Jos will be posted here at ARTIVIST : creative by any means necessary!