George Nuku Art > MAS | Museum Aan de Stroom, Antwerp / by JoFF Rae

George Nuku's installation piece

For the Display of Power theme (+4), the New Zealand artist George Nuku created an installation piece that is inspired by a Maori meeting house. A house like this unites people with their ancestors. The figures and designs on the entrance to the house represent the power of the ancestors and are meant to make a lasting impression on the visitor.

Nuku’s piece represents the body of an ancestor. He sculpts in the ancient Maori tradition, but uses modern-day materials such as polystyrene and plexiglass. 

With his installation piece, the artist once more places sacred objects from Polynesia in a respectful environment outside the mundane museum display case. At the same time, he is giving a nod to the giant, Antigoon.