InDigiNous - Urban Shaman Aboriginal Art Gallery, Winnipeg by JoFF Rae

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New Zealand Māori artists working within digital environments

01 December 2017 – 20 January 2018

Opening Reception: December 01, 2017 from 8pm to 11pm
Where: Urban Shaman Aboriginal Art Gallery, 203-290 McDermot Ave. Winnipeg, MB

Artists: Reweti Arapere, Hana Rakena, Rachael Rakena, Kereama Taepa, Suzanne Tamaki, Johnson Witehira, Rangituhia Hollis

Virtual histories are a form of fictional writing that apply a ‘what if’ scenario to history. For example, ‘what if Christopher Columbus did not discover the Americas’, or ‘what if Able Tasman did not discover New Zealand’? Of course neither Columbus nor Tasman were responsible for discovering either of those lands, and the artists in this exhibition explore this idea of ‘virtual histories’ in relation to these types of so called ‘true histories’.

The artworks in this exhibition are made by seven Māori artists from Aotearoa New Zealand who use digital media to create real and virtual spaces for Indigenous knowledge. The exhibition includes a range of media from virtual reality and augmented reality artworks, through to video games, projection installation and 3D printing. Each artwork critiques dominate histories and perceptions of Indigenous peoples in Aotearoa New Zealand, and postulates on how different the world might be for Indigenous peoples in the future.

Exhibition curator Reuben Friend says, “the exhibition includes some of the leading figures currently working in Māori digital art and is a major chance to review how Māori digital media has advanced over the past ten years”.

Bread and Roses will release on May Day... by JoFF Rae


Bread and Roses is a non profit publication edited by Maz Salt (Office of Public Works), Graham Espie (Howler, Workshop) and Michael Fikaris (Silent Army Storeroom).

The publication features critical writing and poster art to entertain, influence and spark conversation about cultural and social discourse.


Find the current issue at the following venues: Section 8BellevilleFerdydurkeB.EastHowlerWorkshop. Also available at Silent Army Storeroom - & we are looking for distributors in Wellington & New Zealand.

Or send a postage paid envelope with your details to 27-29 Tattersalls Lane, Melbourne and we’ll post you a copy.


Editorial & general queries:

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This Is Art - a venture by Ero by JoFF Rae


"After months of negotiations I have finally manage to score a pop up studio/shop in the third largest shopping complex in Australia, the numbers are huge, 16.7 million people through per annum with approx 250,000 through each week. Highpoint shopping centre in Maribyrnong have handed me the keys to this shop space. In this space it will be a studio, shop, gallery and workshop all rolled into one. For the gallery we will have a show once a month for a week starting in February so if anyone would like to have a show or group show pm me and I will email you details. The rent will be $450 for the week with $100 being for food, advertising etc. Commission will be a pay what you think is appropriate deal. Workshops will be starting in the school holidays and if anyone has a particular workshop they would like to put on pm also. I want to run eight hour workshops broken into two four hour blocks spread out over three days with three workshops running concurrently over the three days and depending on interest ten to fifteen participants per workshop. Each participant with be charged $65 per workshop with $35 per participant going to the artist taking the workshop. If their are artisans who have products they have made I would also be interested in hearing from you. Anyone who does performance of any genre pm me. This project I am calling 'This is Art' and will be based around El lissiky's beat the whites with the red wedge. Substituting the whites with mass consumerism and the red wedge with the subculture of art. This is an idea I have been working on for a couple of years. It is about intervention in a community to see if I can affect change with art being it's principal tool."

October 15 - 'Yeah Right' by JoFF Rae

Yeah Right

by Weston Frizzell 

Giclee Print

Size in millimetres: 500 x 500

Signed and individually numbered edition strictly limited to 180.

DrTuTu/ Guilty of ART!// is a concept that incorporates & elaborates on a body of work from Weston Frizzell & led by Mike Weston with ARTIVIST : creative selected artists & creatives as a media installation & series of actions that together make a symposium surrounding an exhibition event.

The glyphic logo formed by the inverted numerals 22, have been recurring motifs in Weston Frizzell’s work since 2004, first appearing in the DrTuTu featuring Tame Iti exhibition. Dr Tutu is the name Iti adopted when DJing on his various alternative radio slots. In Maori, (and most if not all Polynesian languages also) TuTu has a multiplicity of meanings such as ‘revolution’, ‘to meddle’, ‘arson’, sedition.

The print is an archival fine art pigment inkjet produced on Hahnemule bright white 100% rag stock. Signed, numbered and stamped with the genuine Weston Frizzell rubber stamp.

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Weston Frizzell - the BLOCKBUSTERS series by JoFF Rae


Nama Malarky


Us and Them


Blockbusters by Weston Frizzell

Edition of 50, archival pigment print on Hahnemulle 308 gsm Cotton Rag. Signed by Mike Weston and Otis Frizzell (Weston Frizzell)

Weston Frizzell first conceived the Blockbusters design as an illustration of the title in abstract block typography. A digital mock-up was divided into six equal segments. The six segments are collage style mashup of famous art and brand details. The segments (from left to right) are titled "Blurb", "Nama Malarky", "Couched", "Us and Them", "Thonglines" and "Grocer with Moko Erased". The names of the segments are further clues to the identity of artists being remixed by Weston Frizzell in this piece! Intriguingly the six individual Blockbuster paintings exhibited at the Blockbusters show were simply byproducts of the printmaking process, described by Weston Frizzell as "ancillary artifacts" remaining after the digital artwork was completed. In the vocabulary of street art the term Blockbuster refers to a piece where one word occupies the entire wall. The outlined text is predominantly defined by the blacking out of the gaps and negative space. Parasitic of the underlying work, a BLOCKBUSTER envelopes and consumes the surface. A Blockbuster is also the biggest thing of the summer, the thing everyone has to see.

Blockbusters screenprinted poster

Print size in millimetres: Full A1 Sheet

Edition of 100 large A1 screenprints on Hibrite art stock. Numbered, then signed by all three artists who exhibited - Dick Frizzell, Otis Frizzell and Mike Weston below image.

Unique edition of 100 screenprints to promote the recent Blockbusters exhibition at Saatchi & Saatchi Gallery. Featured new work from Frizzell & Son (Dick Frizzell and Otis Frizzell) and Weston Frizzell (Mike Weston and Otis Frizzell collaboration). This is a screen printed version of the exhibition poster. 

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