Salmonella Dub featuring Nino by JoFF Rae

This be a brand new tune, featuring the awesome Nino Birch from Beat Rhythm Fashion.

World She Waits, is the beginnings of Salmonella Dub's 25 year celebrations.

Tune Includes; Scotty Taitoko on bone, shouts out from the Mighty Asterix, mastered by King Willy and produced by the epic Harry Bretherton.
Drums, ride, backing vocals from Dave Deakins, big phat bass in ya face from Mark Tyler and some gat chops, melodies and timemachine from Andrew P.

Driving Aunt Daisy to Meet Nino's People was the initial working title for Salmonella Dub’s 25th single World She Waits launched to radio this week to celebrate the beginnings of the bands 25th birthday.

The tune became a collaboration with Nino Birch from Beat Rhythm Fashion, the band’s choice of an influential artist to represent them at the New Zealand Music Awards this week. Unfortunately, that never was to be as Recorded Music NZ rejected Salmonella Dub’s choice stating that the ‘show producer’ had never heard of the iconic Wellington group. Because of that Beat Rhythm Fashion were deemed too obscure for the TV show demographic and Salmonella Dub stood down from accepting the offer of a ‘Legacy Award’.

Our great Aunt Daisy was of course the famous NZ radio broadcaster from the 30's to the 60's. Like the Recorded Music NZ she was a fast talking sponsor-product-placer who was seriously lacking in knowledge and content. So during our writing mahi with Nino, Aunt Daisy became a cheeky euphemism for the Recorded Music NZ ;-)

Aunt Daisy in Action in the 50’s

Nino’s, World She Waits lyrics were inspired by global issues, corporate greed and land right clashes both here in Aotearoa and with native American tribes affected by the Dakota oil pipeline project.

Searching For The Sun - Salmonella Dub [ NEW unreleased ] by JoFF Rae

vocal competition// record with Salmonella Dub!

Vocal competition music bed: Yodel a vocal for this new tune for the summer. No holds barred! All styleez welcomed. Pic taken Monday Dec 12th 2016 from our boat in Monaco Nelson.

Yo, hope your week has been fine? Here's our first nu tune for the summer. We're running a vocal competition for this starting next week. Yodel a vocal for us... All styleez welcomed. The winner gets to release a recorded version with us + 2 VIP tix to Raggamuffin X Feb 18th, plus a box set of Sal Dub CD's and vinyl. Comp starts next week. More info here over the weekend. ENJOY!

review - James Cabaret: sold out gigs & a new era of events... by JoFF Rae

The James Cabaret reopened it's doors 30th March 2013 - closing the doors on 31st March 2015 after exactly 2 years of the best gigs Wellington has experienced in some time...

An experiment in an event & venue model the venture demonstrated that Wellington City was capable of sustaining a venue - in fact needs a venue of the calibre & size.  The New Zealand Festival of the arts made the James Cabaret its home for the contemporary music program & several prominent promoters based tours of international acts around the ease & quality of production provided.  The venue quickly became renown for it's high level of production values (international standard & the largest house system in New Zealand) & sold out shows!  Nominated Venue of the Year the James Cabaret ended on an high note!

So why close the doors?  Our source tells us it was 3 issues:

  1. THE LANDLORDS... a committee with the reputation of being difficult to work with (a statement from a past tenant was "they're a pack of arseholes") having driven the doors closed on every other proprietor over the years.  The lease holder from the 90's when the James Cabaret earned it's reputation as a concert venue is not surprised that the Landlord was "impossible to work with - again".
  2. LICENSE ISSUES - sound & crowd issues from disgruntled neighbours with some complaints from a new neighbour (they provided photographs of rubbish including cans of beer - a brand not sold at the James Cabaret).  Sound was an ongoing issue.  "The issues are like mice... " our source says, "when you have one there's going to be more."
  3. END ON A HIGH NOTE!  The source says "we didn't want to end on a low or be forced out by the Council so we took an option provided by the Landlords with their unreasonable demands & walked" he says with no malice, "we felt better about leaving the building with a reputation of producing the best concert events in Wellington!"

The features of the 2 years?

  1. Neneh Cherry.  An icon & the best lady!  Amazing yet simple performance & show (especially the request for no front light until the very end leaving dramatic silhouettes through the performance).
  2. NAS.  EPIC event by Robin Fernando - an amazing effort!  HUGE!
  3. New Zealand Festival Of The Arts.  Best performance from Charles Bradley & Brel: The Words & Music of Jacques Brel featuring Jon Toogood - great to have him in the home of Shihad.
  4. School Boy Q... & the encore!  So huge they had to come back & another epic event from Robin Fernando!
  5. Sticky Fingers.  What an awesome show!  Wellington will wait a while to top this one that was held at 10 days notice & sold out!  Thanks to Rhythm Group!
  6. Run The Jewels, Danny Brown & Earl Sweatshirt.  Probably the closest we will get to Odd Future - let's hope Robin Fernando work that one out!
  7. Aloe Blacc - all style & a great band!
  8. 6 local/domestic acts feature: Brownhill - "resident band"; Devilskin - awesome band & a great bunch to host; Tunes Of I - on their way up & best support; Shapeshifter & Upbeats - a great duo; Phoenix Foundation at their best are the best local; Katchafire - every time!
  9. The better promoters - Robin Fernando, Rhythm Group, 40 Days, Plus1, Mystery Girl & the others who kept bringing great acts; Brotha D for taking the  first risk & bringing the first act to the reopening.
  10. THE AUDIENCE!  The promoters & the venue pay big respect to the people who came to the shows!

& What now?

Watch this space - more to follow...