Ruatoki for Tāme Iti by JoFF Rae


Ruatoki - an Augmented Reality ART App by ARTIVIST & iSPARX digital for Tāme Iti.

Executive Producer - Joff Rae / ARTIVIST
Producer - Finn Beattie
Creative Director - Ethan Wimsett
Lead Developer - James Norling
Asst Producer - Hohepa / HO RI
Graphic Design - Cole Holyoake
Translation & Story - Toi Iti
Studio - 110 Hideout /
Agency - : Immersive Space Programme by Plan BETA / iSPARX digital; Lost Boys Digital; ARTIVIST / ALPHA State |

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InDigiNous - Urban Shaman Aboriginal Art Gallery, Winnipeg by JoFF Rae

2017-11-24 08.46.42.png

New Zealand Māori artists working within digital environments

01 December 2017 – 20 January 2018

Opening Reception: December 01, 2017 from 8pm to 11pm
Where: Urban Shaman Aboriginal Art Gallery, 203-290 McDermot Ave. Winnipeg, MB

Artists: Reweti Arapere, Hana Rakena, Rachael Rakena, Kereama Taepa, Suzanne Tamaki, Johnson Witehira, Rangituhia Hollis

Virtual histories are a form of fictional writing that apply a ‘what if’ scenario to history. For example, ‘what if Christopher Columbus did not discover the Americas’, or ‘what if Able Tasman did not discover New Zealand’? Of course neither Columbus nor Tasman were responsible for discovering either of those lands, and the artists in this exhibition explore this idea of ‘virtual histories’ in relation to these types of so called ‘true histories’.

The artworks in this exhibition are made by seven Māori artists from Aotearoa New Zealand who use digital media to create real and virtual spaces for Indigenous knowledge. The exhibition includes a range of media from virtual reality and augmented reality artworks, through to video games, projection installation and 3D printing. Each artwork critiques dominate histories and perceptions of Indigenous peoples in Aotearoa New Zealand, and postulates on how different the world might be for Indigenous peoples in the future.

Exhibition curator Reuben Friend says, “the exhibition includes some of the leading figures currently working in Māori digital art and is a major chance to review how Māori digital media has advanced over the past ten years”.

Pūkana whakarunga! Pūkana whakararo! by JoFF Rae

1st of June Exhibit

Augmented Reality installation of 3D models of genuine artefacts from Te Papa with fine contemporary artworks for Matariki...


Reuben Paterson Afternoon Delight (2017) 
glitter and synthetic polymer on canvas, stretcher: 1501 x 2248 x 37 mm $50,000

Robyn Kahukiwa - Nga Tamariki a Tane
oil/alkyd oil on canvas, 122 x 122cm, 2015, $10,750

Stevei Houkamau  'Ipu Whenua', 2017  white raku clay

Stevei Houkamau 'Ipu Whenua', 2017
white raku clay

An installation involving Augmented Reality from genuine artefacts from the Te Papa archives...

Pūkana whakarunga!
Gaze wildly to the realm above!

Reweti Arapere Kauri Hawkins Stevei Houkamau Lonnie Hutchinson Robyn Kahukiwa Kereama Taepa David Hakaraia James Lainchbury Reuben Paterson Ngatai Taepa

Pūkana whakararo!
Gaze wildly to the realm below!

with Te Whare Rokiroki - Māori Women's Refuge and others

Te Papa / Toi Poneke installation

Working with Artist & Curator Suzanne Tamaki & exclusive access to the Te Papa Artefacts & Collections.

This unique installation of integrated Augmented Reality & immersive media utilises genuine artefacts & archives with state of the art new technology involving Augmented & Merged Reality that will surprise, excite & enlighten... where art & education are cohesively confused in an immersive statement.

Producer Joff Rae says "Tamaki presents these works as a functional element of her curatorial process establishing a purposeful & relative response to the works of the selected artists showing in the group exhibition... the interactive AR & MR are unique artistic presentations & works - it's clever & insightful that she uses genuine artefacts from the Te Papa Collections"

Suzanne Tamaki presents selected Augmented & Merged Reality works.

This Is Art - a venture by Ero by JoFF Rae


"After months of negotiations I have finally manage to score a pop up studio/shop in the third largest shopping complex in Australia, the numbers are huge, 16.7 million people through per annum with approx 250,000 through each week. Highpoint shopping centre in Maribyrnong have handed me the keys to this shop space. In this space it will be a studio, shop, gallery and workshop all rolled into one. For the gallery we will have a show once a month for a week starting in February so if anyone would like to have a show or group show pm me and I will email you details. The rent will be $450 for the week with $100 being for food, advertising etc. Commission will be a pay what you think is appropriate deal. Workshops will be starting in the school holidays and if anyone has a particular workshop they would like to put on pm also. I want to run eight hour workshops broken into two four hour blocks spread out over three days with three workshops running concurrently over the three days and depending on interest ten to fifteen participants per workshop. Each participant with be charged $65 per workshop with $35 per participant going to the artist taking the workshop. If their are artisans who have products they have made I would also be interested in hearing from you. Anyone who does performance of any genre pm me. This project I am calling 'This is Art' and will be based around El lissiky's beat the whites with the red wedge. Substituting the whites with mass consumerism and the red wedge with the subculture of art. This is an idea I have been working on for a couple of years. It is about intervention in a community to see if I can affect change with art being it's principal tool."

Daniel Tippett - Fly Tui screenprint by JoFF Rae


Fly Tui Screen Print by Daniel Tippett


Limited Edition of 38.
Signed & numbered.

Pioneer of the New Zealand graffiti scene, Daniel Tippett is a busy kiwi. Known for his high skill of aerosol work on buildings, vans and clothing he is not only limited to doing major art commissions but also sharing his collection of quality vinyl as a DJ hosting a regular radio show on BaseFM.

Screen printed on 300gsm fabriano archival art paper.

Unframed: 450mm x 700mm

L’artiste maori Georges Nuku présente son exposition « Bottled Ocean 2115 » à Rouen by JoFF Rae

L’artiste maori Georges Nuku présente son exposition « Bottled Ocean 2115 » à Rouen

Exhibition. The Maori artist George Nuku exhibits at the Natural History Museum until January 2016.

Georges Nuku, derrière l’une de ses créations : « En tant qu’artiste, je crois que nous pouvons diriger notre futur »

Saturday, April 25 2015 to 31 January 2016, the Maori artist George Nuku present, the natural history museum, its exposure Bottled Ocean 2115, just arrived from the Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei.Pirogue particular composed of plastic bottles, shark and atolls Plexiglas ... transparency and floating in an ocean-blue painted room, floor to ceiling. The opportunity to reflect on our environment.

Can you tell us about your work Plexiglas which you are one of the few specialists ?

George Nuku "It is the evolution of twenty years of work in my art. I can say that I am the creator of this Maori art. I worked for many major museums in the world: the British Museum, the National Museum of Scotland, the MAS Museum in Antwerp, the Museum of Anthropology Vancouver ... Usually, an artist reaches a different concept after receiving influences and this time, the artist must capture. "

What led you to create this exhibition ?

"My trip 20 years and, believe it if you want, I saw the movie Waterworld Kevin Costner. I also had long conversations with Sebastien Minchin, director of the museum. An idea dear to my heart, that of adaptation and mutation of life. It is truly a reality. Personally, my genealogy changed when my mother, Maori, married a white man. I am an example of how Maori culture must adapt to the new changes. We are in a dance of change and change is leading us. "

What would you communicate ?

"I want to express that life changes, try to understand the relationship to plastic. Researchers say that in the oceans, plastic grain can be attached to each grain of sand. They say that plastic is the devil. But he did not come alone in the ocean ... Being Maori allows me to be in communication with the deities of all, and especially with the plastic divinity. I see two elements of light and water, two sources of life. I want to show a possible scenario of the future. "

Your presence in Rouen will she held meetings with the school or students ?

"This is the beginning of a series of interventions with rouennaises classes until January 2016. I try to create a moment of beautiful expression, so beautiful that it can reach the heart of the public. As an artist, I believe that we can direct our future. "


Exhibition " Bottled Ocean 2115 "Visible from Saturday 25 April 31 January 2016. Natural History Museum, 198 rue Beauvoisine. More information on

Nelio vs Passmore collaboration @ TH'ink+ART by JoFF Rae

"LAOU / Collective Residency"

The name “Laou” comes from the book “Papalagi,” written by Eric Scheurmann in the 1920's. It refers to an alleged text written by Tuiavii, a Samoan chief, regarding the concept that there is no individual ownership within their culture, and words such as “mine” and “yours” do not exist. Using this as a reference point, Nelio (FR) & Duncan Passmore (UK) will be presenting an exhibition of collaborative works created as part of a residency program held in Lyall Bay at the TH'ink Studio, during March 2015.

Nelio and Passmore have collaborated on murals and studio works for about 6 years, with the first official collaborative residency beginning last summer in Lyon, France.  For the LAOU project there has also been contribution from Ed Bats and Jon Drypnz.



With the support of "Urban Dream Brokerage"


More infos about the artists:
Ed Bats:
Duncan Passmore:

Sheyne Tuffery - Pasifika Residency Exhibition by JoFF Rae

Sheyne Tuffery is a Wellington based multi-media visual artist who uses painting, printmaking, sculpture and animation to facilitate his visions of Pasific urbanisation.

Electric Siva:

To explore and reconstruct graphic patterns of Siapo (Tapa) into various digital and three-dimensional formats.

Sheyne Tuffery is the permanant resident artist at the ARTIVIST facility studio - th'ink + media, Lyall Bay