Salmonella Dub featuring Nino / by JoFF Rae

This be a brand new tune, featuring the awesome Nino Birch from Beat Rhythm Fashion.

World She Waits, is the beginnings of Salmonella Dub's 25 year celebrations.

Tune Includes; Scotty Taitoko on bone, shouts out from the Mighty Asterix, mastered by King Willy and produced by the epic Harry Bretherton.
Drums, ride, backing vocals from Dave Deakins, big phat bass in ya face from Mark Tyler and some gat chops, melodies and timemachine from Andrew P.

Driving Aunt Daisy to Meet Nino's People was the initial working title for Salmonella Dub’s 25th single World She Waits launched to radio this week to celebrate the beginnings of the bands 25th birthday.

The tune became a collaboration with Nino Birch from Beat Rhythm Fashion, the band’s choice of an influential artist to represent them at the New Zealand Music Awards this week. Unfortunately, that never was to be as Recorded Music NZ rejected Salmonella Dub’s choice stating that the ‘show producer’ had never heard of the iconic Wellington group. Because of that Beat Rhythm Fashion were deemed too obscure for the TV show demographic and Salmonella Dub stood down from accepting the offer of a ‘Legacy Award’.

Our great Aunt Daisy was of course the famous NZ radio broadcaster from the 30's to the 60's. Like the Recorded Music NZ she was a fast talking sponsor-product-placer who was seriously lacking in knowledge and content. So during our writing mahi with Nino, Aunt Daisy became a cheeky euphemism for the Recorded Music NZ ;-)

Aunt Daisy in Action in the 50’s

Nino’s, World She Waits lyrics were inspired by global issues, corporate greed and land right clashes both here in Aotearoa and with native American tribes affected by the Dakota oil pipeline project.