Melbourne FRINGE '13 / by JoFF Rae


Melbourne Fringe is a not-for-profit organisation that presents the annual Melbourne Fringe Festival. They provide artists with the tools to develop, present and promote their work, creating a community of audiences and artists that together represent a National arts network.

The Melbourne Fringe Festival is an open-access event. Each year artists from a wide scope of art-form and experience join the Independent Arts Program to develop and present their work as part of the Festival. Through the Independent Arts Program they run the Festival Hub, a curated space that offers a cross-section of arts experiences throughout the Festival period including the Fringe Club.

Central to each year’s Melbourne Fringe Festival is our Creative Program, Melbourne Fringe produced projects which bring emerging and established artists together to explore new ways to engage audiences with free works in public spaces. In 2012, our Creative Program delivered Double Take and Fringe Furniture.

The Melbourne Fringe Artist Development Program supports Festival participants and the broader independent arts community. Year-round they deliver a range of programs across all aspects of building a successful and sustainable career in the arts.  The Artist Development Programs include mentorships, forums, training and awards.

To present the Festival and support year-round activities, Melbourne Fringe works with a range of committed and valued partners.


Melbourne Fringe will play a leading role in the support and presentation of the independent arts by facilitating the development of innovative and diverse arts practices that engage with both artists and audiences.


As an open-access, multi-arts Festival, Melbourne Fringe actively encourages a diversity of artists and audiences to participate in the arts.

Melbourne Fringe is committed to providing opportunities for collaboration between artists and arts facilitators on a local and National level.

Melbourne Fringe supports the creativity of our artists and audiences and continually strives to reflect and respond to this creativity in their own work.

Melbourne Fringe values the trust that artists and audiences place in them and understand their responsibility to engage with our community with openness and integrity.


In 2012, Melbourne Fringe celebrated 30 years. For more information on the history, click here.