David Roil


Hand sewn - anti fashion

Using only a needle and thread to create his one off pieces David has developed his work and ideas over the last 16 years with an extensive background in theatre, costumes & live events.

"Utilising the Eco Up Cycling methodology in a mass produced Rag Trade world where proper fashion is now ignored for fast fashion & repetitive mass producing companies at the cost the land, the people, the working conditions and then the outcome of over producing - what to do with it all then? - Up Cycle it."
- David Roil

David has based his Garment Theme on three era of New Zealand History - Pacific Kilts (pre European) - Avante Guard Tailcoats (Colonisation) - Corporate Pirates (modern day Indigenous battle around the boardroom table)


HAND SEWN GARMENTs for Blokes ... I take the corporate uniform ...the SUIT and cut it, change it around and sew it back together. 

My ideas DON'T go onto paper, are NOT mass produced, DON'T provide insecurities, DOES consider the human body in all its shapes, sizes and forms, DOES provide an after purchase program.

I am part NZ Maori and DON'T consider using other peoples ideas and work as advantage point to rip off and use as I have a thing called IMAGINATION and FORWARD THINKING a brand new concept I know .... Im not 18 im 46 with a background in wardrobe for theatre, movies, commercials.... I have worked at former WELLINGTON PARK ROYAL in the Public Relations dept ... handling Itineraries of ACTUAL famous people not the wanna be's.... that lead to handling fashion shows and presentations ... for real designers. 

I HAND SEW MENS GARMENTS ...yes I HAND SEW ... I DON'T use machines and yes they take some time. 
I usually consider my work ... walking works of art... as they are...your body is a work of art that no body else has ...it should be adorned in the same way ... my work is 3D not 1D as with most mass produced garments .. 

I have a live show that has been going for nearly ten years now ... highlighting the MISSED OUT of REGULAR MASS PRODUCED RIPOFF FASHION quarter as we were never allowed to show our stuff at these events and to be taken seriously ... 

I base my work on ACTUAL history that GOES BACK FURTHER THAN 2006... and bring it into this century ...then chuck it into the future ... I launched in 04 with my 2010 range ... today I am looking at my 2020 range ... my work can be worn all year around ... can be adjusted in size on the wearer ... is sturdy... has been prototyped n tested on humans.... (especially in short movies n photoshoots)... can inspire SELF CONFIDENCE, turns you into an instant rock star or personality ....as the wearers of my work have reported to me and of many ages ... my work adorns bodies aged from 18 - 65 and that is inspiration to me.
- David Roil