David Merritt

Landrover Farmer / Poet


David Merritt has been a writer and a publisher for most of his life. He now makes copyleft publications, often using materials he finds in dumpsters or jumbo bins. He is the only man in the the world who has worked out what to do with old Readers Digest condensed books, Jefferey Archer and Dan Brown hardbacks. <content description = adult metatags> Marx, AUSA, NZUSA, CRACCUM, Pushbutton Paradise, Sweetwaters, Screaming Meemees, Flying Nun Records, Herbs, Dunedin Arts collectives - Super 8, Chippendale House, Pagemaker 2, Apple SE30, Gate, Gung Ho Press poetry, sons, chapbooks, SPEC, SNAFU, proto housedad, divorce, Punnet, David Carson, ICONZ, Interweb, IT journalism, web design hoohah, Mac blue G3 tower, cyberpunk, 2Bits, divorce, Open Source, Copyleft, Creative Commons, Linux, BSD, GNU, EFF, Hobbs, Eric Raymond, geek culture, divorce, Dial, Racing subeditor, Homeworld, Series III LWB Landrovers, permaculture, no-dig gardens, street poet, re-purposing, upcycling, Geek Prayers, Landroverfarm Press, Mirrorcity Letterpress, David Merritt Poetry Experience, Everyday Thinking, Stealth Poetry in a box, Honesty Box Press, Paper Road Press, Mongrel 1974 Landrover </metatags>


The brilliant street artist/poet/philosopher David Merritt in his signature Auckland spot on Karangahape Road. He makes all his own poetry books out of recycled materials right there on the sidewalk! Please check out his Facebook page... https://www.facebook.com/dmpexperience Filmed 22nd December 2014.

No Exits @ The Wine Cellar, Auckland, May 2015

The Wine Cellar, Auckland, May 2015