Defined by all in the New Zealand street art scene as an iconic artist and described by TV3’s John Campbell as a "premier graffiti artist".  Daniel DT Tippett has maintained an illustrious career that is an element of his ID – raw impulsive talent. 

Informed with knowledge from his youth in Grey Lynn and Colville on the Coromandel Peninsula it becomes obvious that his art and his EGO are influenced by the physical environments he was raised in; urban and isolated surrounds inevitably translate as paradise in his paintings.

Dan’s prolific career involves collaboration and mutual inspiration with colleagues in an exclusive hip hop and urban art fraternity that has earned him the reputation as arguably the most technically skilled aerosol artist in New Zealand. 

Street art crews around New Zealand owe much of their broken ground to Dan’s legacy of quality street art and graffiti.

Dan Tippett’s public art is not limited to major art commissions on walls and buildings however. His ability to work instinctively in challenging circumstances has seen a fleet of tourist vans in New Zealand and the USA adorned with DT art and his t-shirts are as famous as the people wearing them.

He also paints sets for television, short films, feature films and music videos and designs graphics for businesses, music albums and promotional posters. 

He continues to share his collection of quality vinyl as a DJ at numerous public events, concerts and festivals and on his regular radio show The Hold Up, hosted with DLT on BaseFM.